CKB VIENNA LLP is a full-service consulting and law firm built from the ground up to help clients find their true north. In today’s multifaceted economy, legal and regulatory compliance requirements, litigation exposure, and intricate transactional matters present a challenge to a company’s ongoing operations and imperils its financial stability. CKB VIENNA LLP helps meet these challenges by utilizing their collective resources to address every detail of these complex demands. The first step to effective representation in business litigation or transactional matters is a thorough understanding of our clients' operations and the external market factors that affect them. This also applies to the work CKB VIENNA LLP does for its Private Services Group clients. We bring to every matter a complete understanding of the pertinent realities that govern it and are well-positioned to work in close partnership with businesses and Private Services Group clients to develop strategies tailored to meet the desired goals and objectives.


Set A Target


Design A Solution


Track the Progress

All clients share a primary goal: Success. Goal setting, designing and implementing actions to achieve those goals, and then tracking those goals and results are critical to greater business execution. Whether it is a litigation objective, business planning, or compliance, our goal is to guide our clients through the legal and regulatory mazes, anticipate problems, and provide clear and forthright counseling that make decisions easy. Simply put, we have one mission at CKB VIENNA LLP - to help clients achieve their goals and objectives with proactive legal service and consulting. In turn, we want to be an investment for our clients and not an expense. With decades of experience, we have the skill and judgment to ensure that our clients achieve cost-effective and efficient resolutions to their needs.