CKB VIENNA LLP's Supply Line Management and Logistics practice team has extensive experience negotiating and drafting agreement and litigating matters in the field of supply line management + logistics including:

  • Procurement and supply chain contracts, including manufacturing, distribution and reseller arrangements, both domestic and cross-border.
  • Sophisticated exclusive arrangements, including requirements contracts (sole source); output contracts (sole user); min/max arrangements and other relationships in which one or both parties are restricted from doing business with third parties, either completely or under specified circumstances.
  • Distribution center development and operations.
  • Raw materials, component and equipment acquisition and disposition.
  • Marketing, advertising, sponsorship, promotion and co-branding arrangements.
  • Independent sales relationships.
  • Technology, outsourcing and in-sourcing, intellectual property development and licensing agreements.
  • Risk management.
  • Confidentiality (e.g. non-disclosure and non-use).
  • Logistics, warehousing and fleet management arrangements, including using web-based implementation and wireless mobilization.
  • Professional services and consulting contracts.

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