It is hard to believe that it has been two years since the infamous Volkswagen emissions scandal quickly spread across news media outlets across the world.

Specifically, in Septmber 2015, the U.S. E.P.A. issued a Notice of Violation to VW alleging that the European car company manufactured and installed a type of technology known as “defeat devices” on the company’s diesel models. As the name suggests, the defeat devices were  designed to defeat emissions tests by displaying better, cleaner results than actually scored.

Additionally, VW sold thousands of diesel-model cars to American consumers - advertised as “Clean Diesel,” but which were, in fact, anything but clean.

Fast forward to Summer 2017:

Late last month, and by unanimous vote, the California Air Resources Board (the “Board”) gave the greenlight to VW to spend 30 months and $200 million (the 1st distribution of an $800 million settlement) throughout the State. The $800 million deal with California is just one part of a greater $2 billion settlement that VW reached with federal authorities.

Infrastructure & Repairs


As part of the deal,

  • VW agreed to a build clean and green, zero-emission vehicle infrastructure throughout California.

    • This includes installing $45 million worth of greater than 350 electric charging stations across the state, including in the following cities:

      • Fresno

      • Los Angeles

      • Sacramento

      • San Diego

      • San Jose

      • San Francisco.

    • VW must also continue to work to expand ridesharing.

    • VW hopes to spend $75 million on a highway-charging network of more than 50 stations

  • Moreover, Electrify America, the Division of VW handling this matter, stated to the Press that VW hopes to spend “35% of investment funds” in disadvantaged areas of California, including charging stations, access to ultra-clean vehicles, and public outreach.


Since California approved the deal between VW and the State, VW can only just now notify consumers that VW representatives are available at dealerships to correctly modify the emissions controls.

  • VW will offer owners of the specific models at issue the option to keep their vehicle– with the repairs fully made – or to have it bought back.

  • The modifications approved by California include hardware as well as software changes.

  • During the modification process, the company will uninstall the defeat device program. They will then install the correct software program that properly regulates the emission controls.

  • VW will also replace hardware components that relate to certain other emission control system hardware.

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