Experienced Real Estate and Construction Law Attorneys Serving the San Bernardino Area

Our attorneys handle a comprehensive range of real estate and construction matters . Major areas of concentration include:

•    Commercial purchase and sale, sale-leaseback, lease and lending transactions
•    Private and municipal land use and land development matters
•    Foreclosures (judicial and non-judicial) and enforcement actions
•    Real property litigation
•    Contract negotiations
•    Landlord/tenant matters
•    Easements, rights of way and boundary agreements

For the business, the Firm offers expertise in purchases, sales, sale-leaseback, land use rights, development, site subdivision, tax assessment protests, new construction and condominium creation and conversion. In the area of leasing, our attorneys advise on lease negotiations, evictions and form document preparation for commercial and residential landlords. When structuring an acquisition or sale, our analysis includes an assessment of the corporate and tax consequences to the client. Where individual are involved, we provide counsel on estate planning needs and liability considerations.

CKB VENNA LLP has a long history of representing clients in all phases of construction projects whether private or public works, including contract negotiations and drafting, finance, management claims, arbitration and litigation. The Firm has a complete working knowledge of the fundamentals of construction law and litigation, such as scope-of-work disputes and construction failures. We strive to remain current with regard to significant new developments in the law such as multiple prime contracting and architect's and construction manager's liabilities. The firm has had in depth experience with respect to surety's liability for consequential damages, lender liability, contractors' claims against their insurance carriers, and delays and disruptions. Our diverse expertise gives us the ability to offer a client thorough and knowledgeable handling of its construction issues. Call us today to see how we can assist you with your legal needs.